Peggy Cozzi, Shifting Ground 2


2017, Shifting Ground 2,  26 x 26 cm (framed) mirror plates


2017. Shifting Ground 2, 26 x 26 cm (framed)


The second of our small works by Peggy Cozzi, Shifting Ground 2 is an explosion of earthly colours that makes you feel as is you’ve just landed in a field filled with colour as winter explodes into spring.


“My work focusses on process and media, engaging the viewer in the oscillating dialogue between figuration and abstraction, reality and escapism.

I am interested in how the medium can evoke imaginative responses and psychological states; images grow out of the process and my interaction with the materials, I follow a journey with the painting to a point where colour and mark begin to trigger emotive associations, where the paint appears at once tactile and concrete yet simultaneously having the potential for illusion and the capacity to draw on the unconscious.”


It is currently on display at Sticks Contemporary and will be available to be collected on, or delivery arranged after 18th November.  Please telephone us on 07910832850 to discuss your delivery requirements.  Alternatively,  we will contact you shortly after purchase to discuss