The Fareham Art Open is an annual exhibition, competition and celebration of art and artists.  The selected artists this year include performance artists, those working in film, photography, drawing, painting and those producing experimental work that challenges the very idea of what art can be.

Selected artists this year are

Andrew De Bere

Trevor Judd

Peter Davies

Mary Amos

Gemma Rustell

Peta  Lloyd

Yvone Lake

Will Philips

Lorna Jones

Peggy Cozzi

Joanna Tidey

Ron Moody

Amanda Bates

Svetlana Ochkovskaya

Sue Eves

Heather Tobias

Margaret Marks

Pagnier Stephane

Aisling Drennan

Coyan Cardenas

Alexandra Donnelly


The preview is at 5pm on Saturday 13th August and all are welcome to come and join us in this celebration and meet some of the artists.  The exhibition then runs until 10th September.