Cardboard Coast was a project devised to reimagine Gosport town and its landmarks in cardboard. In the initial stages of the project two artists, Eleanor Wilkinson and Krasimira Butseva helped lead artist, Beth Davis-Hofbauer to build the basic structures for the Millenium clock, the Lamppost and the Haslar Marina buoy which developed as the project progressed.

The local community were invited to visit Sticks Contemporary where the work was constructed to suggesttheir favoured buildings and landmarks in Gosport and what they hoped for Gosport's future.

Throughout the project, we worked with a group of home educated young people with special needs and they developed work for the final exhibition. This included the film projected over the cardboard buildings and several cardboard replicas of buildings they would like to see in Gosport, including a tardis, a dinosaur museum shaped like a dinosaur, and a fox headed hotel.

The majority of Cardboard Coast was constructed from April to July 2019 and was on show until we closed Sticks Gallery in September 2019.