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Sticks Contemporary is proud to bring to you this Disability History month, the premiere of ENDING, a new work created by a dyslexic artist with long-term mental health problems.  ENDING invites the audience to see the world through the artist’s eyes

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The work celebrates difference and engages the audience to look beyond labels at the person beneath.

Dewi comments:

"By using quality art to critically engage and evoke the emotions of the viewer, allowing them to evolve empathy and meaning from the work, I hope this will lead to a greater understanding of depression and mental health."

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I am a Dyslexic artist with long-term mental health issues. I use moving-image to create films, video art and installations, in addition, I create performances, drawings, and paintings.


My work explores concepts of the conscious and the subconscious and how we might move between the borders of the mind and of the physical world itself. This encompasses my personal perception of the world how I view it, and what society reflects back onto the individual.


I believe that people with mental health problems should be valued for their strengths, insight, and creativity and that when they are, everyone benefits.


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Accompanying this exhibition are two workshops to be held on the 3rd of December at Sticks Contemporary, where artists Dewi Cary and Helena Eflerova invite you to a discussion and exploration of mental health through found objects:


Helena writes:


" The free play of creativity with found objects from the shoreline
of Priddy’s Hard in Gosport will open a door to buried resources strengthening your capacity to meet
and adapt to change. She will invite you to explore personal experiences with mental health without
going too deep. Focusing on what mental health means to you. You will work on your own and in pairs.
You will be provided with hot drinks and biscuits halfway through the workshop and share your
thoughts, processes, and outcomes with our small group in a safe place."

To book onto the 10 o clock or 2pm workshop please visit eventbrite  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ending-workshop-tickets-39997231797?aff=es2


On December 4th artists, an academic and a workshop facilitator who specialises in running workshops with adults with disabilities will be in discussion at Jervis Gallery Gosport for the Art, Disability and Inclusion Symposium as part of the exhibition.

The Arts, Disability and Inclusion symposium will engage audiences in a reciprocal investigation of artists with depression creating inclusive, quality contemporary artworks.
Dewi will discuss his new video installation and photographic work funded by Arts Council England and his journey realising it. He will also talk about his own experience as a counsellor and as an artist who has depression. A screening of the new moving-image artwork ‘Ending’ will also accompany this event.