Cardboard Coast title






Cardboard Coast is the latest exhibition and the last exhibition to open at Sticks Gosport (we will be posting about this in our news section (don't worry Live Art Local isn't going anywhere)).  This unique Arts Council supported exhibition reimagines Gosport and its most important landmarks, utilising cardboard waste and reusing it to craft buildings, sculptures and submarines all those familiar with Gosport will recognise.


Originally intended to take place between April and June in 2018, this project and resulting exhibition has finally reached its end due to the tireless work of our small team.


Taking over a hundred hours to create and featuring additional work from the children who attend Live Art Local's Special Needs Art Club (jellyfish, origami boats and birds, and a film exploring Gosport through a spring time walk), this long term project spearheaded by our own Beth Davis-Hofbauer uses that which has been discarded as rubbish to ask its participants and audience to think about their connection to the local environment and how this connects to their lived experience and what they deem to have value or not.