Svetlana uses photography, sculpture and site-specific installation, incorporating industrial waste materials, expanding foam and her body to reveal an element of the unknown and unrecognised through the transformation of objects and materials in unfamiliar spaces.   Simultaneously exploring the “sensuality of the ‘thingness’ ».


"Until I had a serious car accident in 2012 I had never been interested in art professionally.  I began to notice overlooked details in everyday life that had previously escaped from my attention and I began asking questions about significance of these over-looked details in everyday life.  In my thirties I decided to start a new path in my life and started studying and nurturing my artistic interests.  Currently I am working towards completing my Bachelor of Fine Art degree at Southampton Solent University."


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Each of these pieces measures 80 x 60 cm and all are limited edition prints mounted on MDF

BAthroom. 2017
Bathroom, 2017 (installation) Photograph on MDF










Svetlana Ochkovskaya Brokenness
Brokenness, 2017 (installation) Photograph on MDF


Frosen 2017
"Frosen", 2017 (installation) Photograph on MDF












Journey, 2017
Journey, 2017 (installation) Photograph on MDF



Sand, 2016
Sand, 2016 Photograph on MDF



Lounge, 2017
Lounge, 2017 (installation) Photograph on MDF












Tunnel, 2016
Tunnel, 2016 Photograph on MDF