Gillian Hawkins, Bride


2016, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 120 cm


2016, Oil on Canvas,  100 x 120 cm


This large and affecting piece by Gillian is in our current exhibition.  It evokes a strong narrative of lost love, of joy and hope tinged with sorrow:


“My work examines the emotional space within a “relationship”. From the promise of undying love and the desire to be loved, to the disillusionment of the mundane, the: “not bad enough to leave not good enough to stay” scenario to the rediscovery of the self. Weighted expectations tend to see women in this trap more than men, but it is, of course, not invariably the case.”

— Gillian Hawkins


It is currently on display at Sticks Contemporary and will be available to be collected on, or delivery arranged after 18th November