Freya Purdue, Sulphur Series Number 3


2017, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 80 cm (diptych)


2017, Oil on Canvas 50 x 80 cm (diptych)


From her new series, Sulphr, this new work from the award-winning artist is both full of fragility and strength, the contrasting colours and patterns seamlessly flowing into one another.

“My paintings inhabit the border between abstraction and figuration and have their basis in exploration through seeing, experience, research and engagement with the tactility of the process of painting. This painting is one of a series of 10 diptychs based on the symbolism of the alchemical elements of red and yellow Sulphur.”

— Freya Purdue


It is currently on display at Sticks Contemporary and will be available to be collected on, or delivery arranged after 18th November