Dee Young, Organised Chaos Number 18


2017, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 76 cm



2017, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 76 cm

This vibrant, swirling mass of colour forms part of her Organised Chaos Series (the other pieces which have already sold) and takes the viewer on an emotive journey through chos and order.

“Painting for me, is the emotional expression embracing the totality of visual experiences beyond what words can describe.  Using oil paints, thick on thin, palette knife, brushes or just my fingers to paint rhythms of colour creating an eye-catching composition…”

This piece is currently on show in our exhibition, Female Abstraction, it will be available to be collected on 18th November once the show closes, or delivery can be arranged.  If you would like this to be delivered please call us to discuss your requirements.  Alternatively, we will contact you once payment has been made to discuss your requirements and arrange delivery.